Wondering if you need translation services in Dubai and for what purposes will you need Localization Services in the UAE?

If you are a person of foreign origin and living and working in the UAE, you will surely be in need of translation services at some point. If you are not yet in the UAE and plan to go there for Work, Business or higher education you will need the services of a high-quality translation company.

Whether it is translating educational documents, academic certificates, product manuals, localization of your website or translating important legal documents such a Affidavits, certificates and business contracts, everything needs to be in the official language of the UAE, Arabic.

Types of translators:

There are two main types of translators available in this field.

  1. Licensed legal translators: These are translators who are authorized to translate legal documents from foreign languages to Arabic. The translated documents can then be accepted in the local courts as legally permissible documents. Documents translated by non-legal translators may not be accepted for any official government or legal work in the UAE.

Documents which you need to present in the local courts need to be translated from any language to Arabic, which is the official language. Affidavits, Power of attorney, Property documents, Marriage certificates, Death certificates, Partnership documents, Divorce certificates, Court orders and legal letters etc. all need to be translated by a legal translator for use in a court house.

  • Professional Translators: These are translators who have thorough knowledge of the language they translate from to Arabic and have the required degrees to prove their proficiency in the language. However, they are not licensed to translate legal documents hence they can translate every document that need not be used in any government office or court house.

Any document such as product manuals, Product descriptions, website content, blog posts, advertisements, Press releases, employee contracts, technical document, medical reports, Academic papers, patent applications etc. are some of the examples which can be translated by the professional translators.

What all may require Translation:

  1. Legal documents translation – (Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, MOA, Business Contracts, Property Documents etc.)
  2. Business translation – (Product descriptions, Manuals promotional materials etc.)
  3. Technical Document translation
  4. Website localization
  5. Visa Applications
  6. Medical Translations
  7. Education certificate translation (Degree, Diploma certificates)
  8. Work contracts/permits
  9. Power of attorney
  10. Court documents
  11. Patent and trademark filing documents
  12. Affidavits

Attestation House can help you with all the above-mentioned translation needs. We have highly professional licensed translators as well as Professional translators for almost all major languages in the world. We are one of the finest translation companies in Dubai UAE and have the ability to provide you with legal certified translations.

Get in touch with us today, through our contact form or call us at the phone number mentioned on the site header or simply email us at our official email, and our service associate will get back to you at your preferred date/time to help you with all your translation needs.

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