Why Do You Need Certificate Attestation for UAE, and How to Go About it!

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Certificate Attestation for UAE is required when you want to get any of your certificates obtained from any foreign country ‘Attested’, so as to use them as legally accepted document in the UAE.

Why do you need certificate attestation for UAE?

Just as in any other country all documents including certificates are needed to be verified and authenticated before they can be accepted as real. Since they were not issued by the local authorities hence, they cannot be locally verified. Therefore, one needs to get them Attested or Apostilled through proper channels before they can be accepted here in the UAE.

What purposes require certificate attestation for the UAE?

There can be any number of reasons you might need to get your certificates attested, such as:

  • Applying for a new job in UAE
  • Applying for work permit / VISA in the UAE
  • Applying for long term stay in the UAE
  • Applying to get your dependent spouse, family or your maid to stay with you in the UAE
  • Getting VISA for your new born baby in the UAE
  • Getting admission in a school or college in the UAE
  • Getting admitted in a hospital for medical treatment in the UAE
  • Opening an office or starting a company in the UAE
  • Getting married or divorced in the UAE
  • Buying / selling property
  • Making investments in the UAE etc.

There are numerous reasons for which you may need to get your certificates attested for the UAE before they can be used for any official purpose.

How can I get my Certificates attested?

The process of attestation starts with the appointment booking on the MOFAIC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) website. One needs to register an account and then upload copy of certificates that need attestation. Next one needs to pay the fee and then wait for the scheduled appointment day/time to visit in person with all the original certificates for verification. Now one needs to take care that before doing this one needs to make sure that all the certificates are pre-verified by the embassy of the country of origin of the certificates.

If you completed your high school in the UK (United Kingdom), and want to pursue higher education in a college in Dubai, you need to get your High school mark sheet certificate ‘Apostilled’ at the UK embassy in London before it will be accepted by the Embassy of UAE for further processing.

For Example:

Where can I get my Certificate Attestation done?

You can get your certificate attestation done by any reputed attestation company in the UAE. We at Attestation House are proud of our reputation for being one of the best Attestation Companies in the UAE. We offer our services in All cities in the UAE such as Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

We offer Free pick and drop of certificates from your hoe or office as requested and so you don’t have to go anywhere and can get your certificates attested while sitting in the comfort and safety of your home. This is very significant because of the prevalent Covid pandemic across the globe.

What are the effects on Certificate Attestation due to Covid-19 Pandemic and what steps do you take to ensure safety?

Covid-19 has completely changed the market scenario. It has made all of us emphasize on personal safety and hygiene. Attestation House adheres strictly to all Covid-19 spread prevention protocols, as mandated by the Government of UAE.

We monitor and check the health including symptoms, temperatures of all our employees on a daily basis and make sure that every packet that arrives or leaves our premises are thoroughly sanitized as per the protocols. Our delivery and Pick Up partners also ensure that they maintain social distancing norms and while performing their duties and follow all personal sanitation rules before interacting with you or your package containing important documents.

Our services may not be provided at your location if it is under a local lockdown. Therefore, please ensure that your location can be served before placing an order. Our service advisors are here to help and guide you whenever you have any query with regards to our services.

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