Translation Services Dubai

Legal Translation Services by Attestation House in Dubai,UAE (Top Translation Company in Dubai).

Legal Translation services are required in the UAE for various official work.

Certified translation from various foreign languages to Arabic is legally mandated by the Ministry of Justice for all documents to be presented in the courts in the UAE.

What is legal translation?

A translation of a document when done for legal purposes by authorized translators is known as legal translation. Whether it is your birth certificate or a power of attorney, marriage certificate or company incorporation documents every official document needs to be legally translated from all foreign languages to Arabic as mandated by the justice department of the UAE.

A professionally trained legal translator can accurately translate any document to the prescribed formats that are legally required in the UAE.

Why do I need Legal Translation in the UAE?

As mentioned above any document required for any official UAE department needs to be translated to the local language that is Arabic. The official language is Arabic and all court room work is carried out in Arabic. Hence legal translation is mandated by law in the UAE for any foreign language document to be presented in the courts or any of the other government departments.

For example, if you are an expatriate living in Dubai for employment and wish to apply for a family VISA for your wife and kids you will need to furnish all your original documents such as marriage certificate and get them attested. However, you will need to get them legally translated to Arabic and then get them attested before you can submit them for processing.

Why chose Attestation House for Legal Translation services?

Attestation house has got professionally trained legal translators in various foreign languages who are authorized to legally translate all legal documents in the exact prescribed formats mandated in the UAE. You can get them attested all under one roof and all from the comfort of your home or office.