Certified True Copy

Certified True Copy Attestation by Attestation House

A Certified True Copy is the legal term for the photocopy of a certificate or an important document that has been legally verified as an accurate reflection of the original. It is needed for various official purposes for both government as well as corporate affairs. Read on to know more about the ‘who’, ‘why’ and the ‘what’, of a certified true copy especially for the UAE.

 What type of documents need to be Certified as True Copy?

Many Important papers and documents needed to be submitted for government purposes, such as identity papers including Passport, identity cards issued by government authorities such as a driving license, incorporation papers, power of attorney to be used in or outside UAE for any purpose can be needed to be attested as certified true copy, which can then be used as a valid legal document.

 Who can attest a Certified True Copy in the UAE?

According to the domestic law, only local Lawyers and solicitors registered in UAE can attest a photocopy as a certified true copy with the presence of witness who need to sign their confirmation.

How does Attestation House help in getting a certified true copy Attestation?

Most lawyers or solicitors in the UAE will need you to take the documents and be present physically in their office before they can verify and provide you with a certified true copy. However, since we are a certified and license holding firm, we can get it done without requiring your physical presence as our experienced staff will handle all the verification process and collect all the documents from your doorstep and deliver the certified true copy anywhere in the UAE.

For enquiries please get in touch with our experts or email us @ info@attestationhouse.com