Need for Legal or Regular Translation Services for UAE: Do I Need Translation services in UAE?

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If you are planning to go to any foreign country it is very likely that you will have to deal with the local culture, traditions and languages. Not just the UAE, but if you are planning to visit any country for a long term stay you must be prepared to deal with all of the above in a planned and managed way. To overcome all the mentioned difficulties, you must start by dealing with the language issue first, as everything else will follow.

Why do I need a professional Translation Service for UAE?

In the day and age of online instant translation services provided by Google and Bing, you may wonder why would you need a professional translator. Well, the answer to that is legal and official government work still needs certified translators and translation services. These certified and professional translators understand the difference between a normal working language v/s professional talk. They understand the requirements for legal matters and the correct terminology. Therefore, even though an online translation might be correct, it still might not be an appropriate language to use in the given professional context.

What purposes require Legal translation in the UAE?

Since the official language of UAE is Arabic you will need to legally translate your documents to Arabic if they are in any other foreign language and only then can they be accepted for use in any official capacity.

 If you are a foreigner, then you will need Professional legal translation services in the UAE for the following purposes:

  1. Applying for a Work VISA
  2. Sponsoring a Spouse VISA
  3. Sponsoring a family VISA
  4. Sponsoring a Maid VISA
  5. Applying for Medical VISA
  6. Applying for Education VISA
  7. To Buy Property in UAE
  8. To Present Power of Attorney UAE Courts.
  9. To submit any Attested documents such as Certificates (Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Death etc.), Power of Attorney, Company MOA, to the government or the Courts of UAE.
  10. To submit your Degree or Diploma to any institute or school of higher education in the UAE.
  11. To obtain a Good conduct / Police clearance Certificate.
  12. Registering/Transferring a company in the UAE etc.
  13. Registering or responding to a court case in the UAE.
  14. Applying for a new Job in the UAE.
  15. Applying for a Local Driving license.
  16. Applying for other government permits.

These are some of Official purposes for which you will need to obtain professional legal translation services from a UAE Department of Justice certified translator.

Who does not need legal translation services in the UAE?

If you are a citizen of the UAE and already have all your documents issued by the local authority in the official Arabic Language. If you are a citizen of any of the middle eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman etc., where your original certificates and documents have all been issued in the Arabic language. If you fall under any of the above categories then you don’t need legal translation services in the UAE.

Do you employ professional DOJ Certified legal translators for your translation services?

Yes, we at Attestation House employ highly professional and DOJ certified legal and other translation services. You can trust us to provide you with an accurate and legally admissible translation service that can used across all Government Departments and for any commercial or legal use.

How long to you take to deliver the final translated document or certificate?

Based on your chosen plan we can deliver your final translated document on the same day or in 2-5 days time. If you have chosen our same day delivery option (call us to know more) we can get your documents professionally translated in the same day (it will typically need 5-8 Hours min for Delivery). Our normal options may take a few days depending on how many documents you need translated and the type of translation needed.

How much Does Legal translation cost?

Our professional legal translation costs are different than our regular translation costs. They also differ based on the delivery option chosen by you.

(call us @(+971) 431-166-49 to know more).


We charge a cost of AED 150 per Document for regular translation to AED 200 per document for a legal translation. We offer customized rates for commercial documents and our rates can be as low as AED 80 for Bulk orders. Please contact us with your specific translation requirement and we promise that our customer service team will provide you with Guaranteed best prices in the market.

Why choose Attestation House for all your legal and other translation needs?

We at Attestation House UAE, strive to provide you with the best quality services at the most affordable prices. You can compare our prices for the top-quality translation work we provide against any other provider and you will find that we are the best at what we do in the UAE.

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