MOFA Attestation UAE

MOFA Attestation Services by Attestation House UAE

What is MOFA?

MOFA is the acronym for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation. It is the government branch which deals with all the foreign government matters and intercountry relation ships of the UAE. This Ministry is also responsible for the supervision and maintenance of UAE consulates and embassies in foreign countries and interact and manage relations with the foreign embassies situated within the UAE itself.

What is MOFA attestation Service?

The MOFA as the premiere authority for dealing with foreign relation also has to deal with all immigration related issues and all kinds of VISAs. As such it also deals with verifying and attesting documents as required by the UAE government itself or by other embassies.

The MOFA or MOFAIC Provides attestation Service for all types of documents and certificates (individual, commercial, business, educational etc.)

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MOFA Attestation Services can be availed by directly visiting the ministry office and getting the work done yourself, or you can hire a reputable firm such as Attestation House for Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai attestation of all your certificates and documents.

Do you provide MOFA attestation Services?

Yes, Attestation House is happy to help you with all your MOFA attestation Services in Dubai. Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc. Just get in touch with us and our experts will talk to you to understand your specific needs and then schedule a pick and drop facility for your documents right at your doorsteps.

Just fill out the forms at the side bar of the website and simply wait for our experts to get in touch with you.