Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage Certificate Attestation by Attestation House in UAE

What is a Marriage Certificate?

Marriage certificate is a legal document provided by a marriage registrar validating the Date, Time, Place, names of the people getting married etc. A marriage certificate proves that the marriage is valid and legal.

Why is it needed?

Marriage certificates are need for numerous purposes especially when related to moving to a new country or for change in name and even for tax, property and legal purposes.

A marriage certificate can only be allowed as valid if it has been attested by a valid authority.

Some of the major reasons why you may need a marriage certificate attestation in the UAE are:

  • Sponsoring a family VISA to bring in your wife and children to the UAE
  • To add name of spouse name in your passport
  • Adding spouse name to your health insurance benefits.
  • While admitting wife to a hospital for child birth
  • To acquire a property jointly with your spouse.
  • To apply for a divorce from your spouse
  • To change your name in your passport.
  • To transfer benefits after death of a spouse.
  • To provide proof of legal heir etc.

What is the process of obtaining attestation of a marriage certificate?

  1. First step needs to occur in the country where the marriage took place. The home department of that country needs to attest the certificates for authenticity.
  2. Second step: Again, the foreign department of the home country needs to attest or Apostille the same certificate after it has been verified and attested by the home department.
  3. The third step again takes place at the country of origin itself. Once the foreign department of the home country attests the marriage certificate, it needs to be presented to the embassy of the U.A.E in that country and get it attested /Apostilled there.
  4. Last step is to get the document in the U.A.E and get it attested by the Ministry of foreign affairs here.

Can Attestation House to do all the above work for me? If yes then at what cost?

Yes, Absolutely. Attestation House can surely take care of all the above processes and deliver the final attested Marriage Certificate right at your doorstep.

All you have to do is to simply get in touch with us @ or use the contact form on the page sidebar and our team will get in touch with you and that it you’re done!