FAQs: Family VISA or Dependent VISA Requirements. Find Answers to all your Dubai/UAE Family Visa queries.

Q1: Do I need a family VISA? / Who needs to apply for a family VISA in UAE?

Ans: If you are already working in the UAE and want your family members to come and visit you then you can apply for a family VISA. This visa is different from a tourist VISA as you are sponsoring and taking over all responsibilities of the visitors so your family members have a better chance of getting a VISA, irrespective of their financial conditions and ties to the home country.

Q2: What are the documents needed for A UAE family VISA?

Ans: The documents required for applying are:

  1. Your (sponsor’s) Passport copy with a valid VISA page (colored)
  2. Your dependent’s/Family members’ passport copies (colored)
  3. Both original and attested copies of Birth certificates.
  4. Passport size photo graph of your family members or dependents. (with white background)
  5. Marriage certificate in case of wife.
  6. Lease rent agreement of the sponsor’s accommodations.
  7. Water and electricity bills.
  8. Salary certificate of the sponsor and the work contract.

In case of Employer or investor, the following documents are also required:

  1. Color copy of Trade License
  2. Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association of the organization
  3. Personal or company’s original bank statement

All of the above documents need to be kept ready and submitted to apply for a family VISA.

Q3: Is there a minimum salary requirement for family VISAs in Dubai UAE?

Ans: Yes, currently the UAE law allows any person employed and residing in the UAE, who earns at least between AED 4000 per month and has proper accommodations (one bedroom min.) to be eligible to apply for a family or a dependent VISA.

Q4: Who is considered a family to be eligible for a family VISA for UAE?

Ans: All first-degree relatives such as Parents, Siblings and Children are accepted for the family VISA system in the UAE.

Q5: Can a wife Working in Dubai UAE sponsor her husband’s VISA?

Ans: The new rules do allow foreign residents of any gender to sponsor family members, such as spouses, children (all under the age of 18) and unmarried daughters of any age. The only condition is that she should have a salary more than AED 4000 per month and have accommodations of her own. So yes, a wife can sponsor her husband for a family VISA in Dubai UAE.

Q6: What happens if the sponsor of the family VISA changes his/her employer. Will the family VISA get cancelled?

Ans: As long as the conditions of the salary and accommodations are being met, the family VISA will not get cancelled. The authorities need to be informed of the changes so that relevant amendments can be made to the official records.

Q7: How long is the validity of the family VISA?

Ans: The employees are given a residence VISA for a period od 3 years and as such their family can also technically get a Family VISA for a maximum period of 3 years. The family VISA validity is totally dependent on the residency status of the sponsor.

Q8: How do I renew my Dubai family VISA As it is about to expire?

Ans: The process to renew a family VISA in UAE is quite quick and easy. Simply follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Contact us through our website contact us page.
  2. Submit the relevant details required to renew the VISA to our executive who will get in touch after you have scheduled an appointment.
  3. Submit all the documents as mentioned by our executive through courier or by visiting our offices near you.
  4. Pay the required fees as applicable.
  5. You receive your renewed family visa after the processing period as informed during submission.

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