Family VISA Services Dubai

Family Visa Services for Wife, Children, Parents & Maid visas by Attestation House

Our Family Visa Service is for expats and migrant residing in UAE. The Family Visa is needed to bring in to UAE their immediate family members. The Government of UAE has prescribed certain procedure that one needs to follow to bring in their wife, kids, parents and maids in the country to reside with them. Expats in UAE are allowed to sponsor VISAs for their dependents. Each such visa for the dependents will have unique document requirement and thus unique associated costs.

Family VISA Dubai, UAE:

What are the UAE requirements for family visa?

In the UAE a family VISA is applicable only to the direct dependents (immediate family) of an expat or migrant such as a wife, children, parents etc. This too is dependent on the expat meeting certain further conditions and min wage (4000AED) requirements as prescribed by the government. For more information please talk to our VISA expert who will be happy to assist you with all your queries.

How many days does it take to get a UAE family visa?

The number of days it may take to get a family visa in the UAE depends on the type of documents you present. Granted all the papers are as per the UAE immigration requirements, one can get a family visa granted in just 3-5 working days. Hence it is very important that you immediately talk to our visa expert and understand all the requirements to get your visa approved at the earliest.

How can Attestation House Family VISA services help you in getting a family visa?

Attestation House will help you from the start to the finish as with our other services. We help you with the whole process including Emirates ID typing to getting the medical requirements done.

Some family VISA, such as your VISA for Maid, in the UAE, requires you to make a security deposit. Hence it is advisable that you get in touch with our family visa expert to understand all the requirements for obtaining a family visa for your wife, children, parents and maids.