Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation Services

Birth Certificate Attestation is a legally mandated requirement for all foreign born people, wanting to work here, to get a resident’s visa in UAE.

If a child is born in any other country, the birth certificate must be authenticated with official stamp and sign of the issuing authority before it can be accepted in the UAE.

For a child born in the UAE and the birth certificate is required in some foreign country, even then it needs to be attested before it can be accepted in any foreign country.

What documents are needed for attestation of birth certificate?

Document requirements for birth certificate attestation:

  • Original Birth Certificate issued by the authority in the country.
  • Passport copies of both parents.

What are the Reasons for Birth Certificate Attestation?

Birth certificate attestation is needed for a lot of reasons.

If the child is born in the UAE then a birth certificate attestation will ne needed for applying for a passport for reason of foreign visits and if the child is born out side UAE then attested birth certificate is need to apply for a VISA to visit or stay in the UAE. So, birth Certificate Attestation is needed for:

  • Applying for VISA process done for the child.
  • For school admissions in the UAE.
  • Purpose of Migration.
  • For name changes in school, college or legally after words for adults

What is the Procedure for Birth Certificate Attestation?

A birth certificate attestation needs to be carried out by the issuing authority I the home country. It must then be Apostilled by the consular department. The process is as follows:

  • Firstly, it needs to be verified by a public notary.
  • Secondly, it needs attestation from the External Affairs/Foreign Affairs in the home country.
  • Third it needs Attestation or Apostille stamped from the Embassy in the home country.
  • And finally, it requires Attestation from the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the country where the certificate has to be used.

How long does the process take and what are the Charges for the Attestation of the Birth Certificate?

We have tailored packages to suit your exact needs and budgets. Therefore, feel free to give us a call or get in touch with our experts by using the contact form. Our experts will get in touch with you and let you know our plans and pricing also the time-frame for the whole process based on the package you choose to go with.

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