Best Translation Services in Dubai UAE – And How to find one for yourself or your company!

Best Translation Services in Dubai UAE

Translation services are essential to doing business in Dubai and all across UAE. Dubai is one of the most important Global trading and entrepreneurial Hub. The Government language used is Arabic and hence the need for every business to have access to good quality and yet affordable translation service. Finding the Best translation services in Dubai need not be tough. Read on to know why.

If you are a glob trotting business man or just some one who just wants to move his or her startup to the next level, Dubai is one of the best places for you. Dubai has every thing that a global business to a budding one needs, such as business friendly environment and business friendly government policies, A central Global location that is at the heart of the global business and shipping zones. Dubai also has a growing economy and ample well-trained workforce and highly educated manpower to take your business to the next level. The ease of doing business is second to none, globally. All This makes coming to Dubai and setting up a business as inescapable. However, the only minor drawback is that all official government communication and documentation happens in the Arabic language. Therefore, you would need to get all your documents converted to Arabic using a legal translator to conduct your business in Dubai.

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How to know if your translation company in Dubai is the right one for you?

To know if you are not being taken for a ride and the translation company in Dubai you hired is a genuine one, make sure you check the following:

  1. Check if the company is a certified legal translation company or at least employs certified legal translators for the work. Otherwise, whatever work they do will not be admissible in any government or legal requirement.
  2. Check for reviews: Online reviews provide a window into the work culture of any company. Even though online reviews are not 100% accurate scale to measure the success or failure, still a lot can be gauged from the responses of a firm even to the negative reviews. You can see how active they are and if they care about their customers enough to respond.
  3. Call them up: before you fill out your details and upload your documents on the website make sure you talk to them on the phone. Calling them and talking to them can provide you with additional information and some idea of the customer service you can expect from a company.
  4. Check if they actually provide the specific service, you are looking for. A translation company may provide general translation services which cannot be used for legal purposes. So, make sure to check if the firm actually provides legal translation services when you need it.
  5. Confirm the delivery date: Make sure that the firm gives a firm delivery date and sticks by it. If you don’t receive your documents ready by the deadline then they are of no use to anyone and you would have spent a whole lot on nothing. Do ask them during your call if they provide refunds in case they are not able to meet their given delivery date.
  6. Refund and Cancellation: This is very important and something that sets apart professional translation firms against fly by night operators. If their websites do not properly display and refund and cancellation policy then you should be aware and be warned that they might not be a good fit for you.

Given these 6 tips and some luck you should be able to choose the best translation services company in Dubai UAE.

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