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Attestation Services by Attestation House

Is Attestation of documents needed in the UAE?

Our Document Attestation service helps to provide proof of authenticity. We verify that it is real and is thus fully legal to use in any official government purpose. Legal verification of all documents is required by the UAE Government for all official work. It is needed to obtain VISAs such as for employment, Family, higher education and medical treatment purposes.

We at Attestation House provide best legal attestation of documents service in UAE!

Our Attestation Services will help you from the start by collecting your certificates and documents from your home or workplace to finally delivering them to you after completion of the attestation process, at your desired location. We have been in this business since the past few years and the experience we have gained over the years is miles above any other service provider in this sector. Attestation House ensures on-time delivery with zero tolerance to errors all across the globe.

What Types of documents need Attestation in the UAE?

Below we have mentioned all the types of attestation services we provide for the UAE. (that is documents that require attestation for End-Use in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc.)

 You can check from the list, the kind of documents which need attestation and their purpose.

Types of Attestation Services we offer for the UAE (In alphabetical order):

  • Article of Association Attestation.
  • Bona fide Certificate Attestation.
  • Certificate of Incorporation Attestation.
  • Degree Certificate Attestation.
  • Diploma Certificate Attestation.
  • Divorce Certificate Attestation.
  • Death Certificate Attestation.
  • Experience Certificate Attestation.
  • Fingerprint Attestation.
  • Good Standing Certificate Attestation.
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation.
  • Medical Certificate Attestation.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) Attestation.
  • Migration Certificate Attestation.
  • PG Certificate Attestation.
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Attestation.
  • Registration Certificate Attestation.
  • Salary Certificate attestation.
  • School Certificate Attestation.
  • Transcript Certificate Attestation.
  • UG certificate attestation.

Why Do I need attesting of documents and which types of documents need attestation in the UAE?

Academic/Educational, Certificates Attestation:

  • For Government and Private jobs.
  • To Apply for Resident Visa
  • To Change the Designation on Visa to a higher position.
  • Purpose of Higher Education.
  • Internal promotion at work.
  • For Migration to UAE.

Birth Certificate Attestation:

  • To Apply for kid’s passport & Visa.
  • For Name change purpose.
  • To apply for dual nationality
  • To claim insurance etc.

Company Documents Attestation:

  • To Register a new company
  • To give power of attorney to another partner.
  • To open a bank account etc.

Death Certificate Attestation:

  • To claim insurance.
  • To claim medical coverage.
  • To close the bank account etc.

Marriage Certificate Attestation:

  • To Sponsor spouse/family visa.
  • To change the name of spouse in the passport.
  • To file for divorce
  • To adopt a child etc.

Therefore if you want to perform any of the above actions in the UAE and need to attest any of the above mentioned documents, Then please contact us through our contact us page or call us at the phone number mentioned on the top and bottom of each page. With, you will get cost-effective and value for money service.