Apostille Stamp Services

Apostille Stamp Services by AttestationHouse UAE

What is an Apostille?

Apostille is a French word for Notation. The Hague convention removed the need for consular legalization of documents for members of countries signatory to the convention. Apostille is basic attestation in which documents are legalized in the prescribed format that is accepted by all nations of the Hague Convention. Therefore, an Apostille is basically a global attestation that is legal in 104 countries. An apostilled document gets a computer-generated square shaped (9x9cm) sticker, Affixed on the backside of the document. The stamp has a traceable unique ID, using this any member nation can verify the authenticity of the document. Attestation House provides apostille services for the UAE.

What kind of Documents need Apostille process in UAE?

An Apostille is required for all these (but not limited to) international documents: Adoption papers, Birth certificates, affidavits, contracts, patent applications, incorporation papers, academic certificates such as degree/diploma certificate attestation, school certificates such as (high school certificate, higher secondary certificate, transfer certificate (TC) and also for personal documents like marriage/divorce certificate, death certificate, power of attorney etc.

What are the advantages of Apostille process?

A certificate or a document which goes through the process of apostille in one convention member country can be used without any further attestation in any of the other 100s of member nations. It is obligatory upon all the signatory nations to accept apostilles of other members of the Hague convention. Therefore, it obviates the need to re verify documents when you need to submit them to multiple nations. Given that as of June 2021 there are 118 member countries to the apostille convention, you can pretty much use an apostilled document throughout all the major world countries.

How can Attestation House help you with its Apostille services in UAE?

Attestation House is a trusted name in the business of apostille processing of important official documents. We help you from the start to the end of the process by collecting the documents from your home or place of work and then delivering the document back to your designated location after they have been apostilled. Our quick service is now a model for others to emulate.

For Apostille process of your documents please feel to get in touch with us @ info@attestationhouse.com