About Us

Our Story:

Know more about Attestation House, the finest Attestation Service providers in Dubai UAE.


Who we are?

Attestation House was founded in 1997 in the global city of Dubai. Its founder had the single aim of making the lives of hardworking people easier by taking over mundane legal and sub legal tasks. Attestation house Takes over all your needs for certificate attestation, Apostille stamping of documents, Power of Attorney Attestation, Legal translation and family VISA requirements etc. We follow a people first approach where we ensure that there is minimal automation and our executives talk to our esteemed customers as soon as possible with making them wait. Our focus is on providing the best solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

What about our Team?

We are a team of 20 Plus highly dedicated professionals. We follow our firm’s motto of putting people first in everything we do. We aim to minimize the time you waste in getting the final result and ensure that you receive the work you expect from us with zero error. Apart from the 20 plus experts working in our office we have a team of collection and delivery executives who are very well trained to collect important documents and certificates from your place of convenience and deliver the finished documents back to you. They as well as our global partners in over 55 countries make sure that your important documents are collected, packed, received and then returned back to you in a state that is exactly in which they were received.

How we take care of Security?

Handling important documents and old certificates require special care and we ensure that our executives are well trained to handle them with special care. We have been handling important documents for a long time and have evolved standard operating procedures adopted from some of the best firms in the world to ensure the safety and security of your important documents. Once our executives collect the documents from you, they then immediately transfer them to carry-safe cases which protects them from accidents and moisture. They are properly labelled and tagged to ensure there are zero errors and mishaps during transports.

All of this for 100% reliable service by us for 100% peace of mind for you!